Magazine Articles & Other

Bearman, N. (2018) Scotland’s most remote islands don’t want to be in ‘inset maps’ any more, The Conversation, 6th Nov 2018,

Bearman, N. (2018) QGIS: What Is It and How Does It Work?, xyHt magazine, September 2018,

Bearman, N. (2018) Book review: Cartography: An Introduction, Society of Cartographers Bulletin, 51, June 2018,

Bearman, N. (2013) Data and big data, In: Gonzalez, C.R. & Rabajoli, E., London in the Future exhibition, 9th – 22nd September 2013, Rich Mix, Shoreditch, London, UK.

Brown, E. & Bearman, N. (2012) Listening to uncertainty: Information that sings, Significance, 9(5) p. 14-17. doi:10.1111/j.1740-9713.2012.00601.x. Runner-up in Young Statisticians  Group/Significance writing competition.

Bearman, N. & Appleton, K. (2012) Finding your way with Google Maps, GeoConnexionUK, 10(3) p. 54-55.
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