About Me

Profile PictureI am passionate about GIS and spatial skills both as a tool to solve problems and as a vital skill to be taught to anyone who uses spatial data to make decisions. I am a Chartered Geographer (GIS) and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

I use my technical skills with GIS to explore and analyse spatial data using different methods applied to a variety of different applications. I am currently applying cartographic and GIS analysis techniques to a range of client facing projects, including site maps, cartographic design and analysis & presentation of small area change in Census data.  Additionally I teach GIS to students and non-students a range of GIS skills at a variety of different levels.

I am a Teaching Fellow in Geospatial Analysis at UCL and an Hon. Lecturer at University at the University of Liverpool, and I also design and deliver bespoke GIS training courses for a wide variety of audiences. Have a look at my publications, consultancy, blog posts and contact me if you would like any more details.