Using Sound to Represent Spatial Data in ArcGIS

This webpage contains example files for the article by Nick Bearman & Peter Fisher published in Computers and Geosciences Journal. The article is available from Computers & Geosciences. A Preprint version (671 KB) is also available.

View a demonstration video of the sonification technique

Below are two videos showing a demonstration of the sonification software. Remember to have either speakers turned on or headphones plugged in! The first one shows the actual data used in the evaluation, and the second the example data available with the source code (below).

Sonification Video - Ordnance Survey Data Example from Nick Bearman on Vimeo.

Sonification Video - Free Data Example from Nick Bearman on Vimeo.

Download the source code and demonstration ArcGIS project files

The source code (in ArcMap MXD format) is available with some example data. Read readme.txt file in the zip file for details. Download (38 MB).

If you have trouble accessing or running the source, please email me at n.bearman 'at' and I will try and help.