Using Google Maps to collect spatial responses in a survey environment

This webpage contains information for the article by Nick Bearman & Katy Appleton published in Area.

Access a copy of the article

The article is available for download from Area. If your library / institution does not subscribe to it, email me (n.bearman 'at' and I will happily send you a copy. A Preprint version (1 MB) is also available.

View the Countryside Recreation Survey website

The Countryside Recreation Survey is available online at

View a demonstration video of the sonification technique

Below is a video showing the map created for the Sonification Case Study. Remember to have either speakers turned on or headphones plugged in to hear the sound element. Unfortunately the interactive map no longer works with currently versions of Firefox and the Google Maps API.

Example of Sonification Case Study from Nick Bearman on Vimeo.

Download the source code

The source code is available to download. Please vist ShareGeo to download the Countryside Recreation Survey case study or the Sonification case study.

If you any questions, I am happy to help - please email n.bearman 'at'